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Welcome to the BeltfedShooters.com, the Staff and Management would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to one of the newest and most exciting firearms forums on the Internet. Although we emphasize the Beltfed Gun or Shooter, you will find this site open to numerous firearms and firearms related issues as well as historical material such as photographs, manuals, illustrations, blueprints, drawings etc.

The handpicked staff and much of the membership represent a broad spectrum of rein actors, historians, competitive shooters, law enforcement, military both current and past, as well as the avid firearms collector. We continually strive to maintain a relaxed atmosphere where people with common interests can discuss issues on a daily basis without the drama and shortsightedness found on many forums.

Most of our membership and staff are members of numerous firearm sites and hold many of them in very high regard. We feel you will find this forum quite unique and hope you make this site one of your regular stops or as we refer to it your Internet home.